Are you organizing a graduation ball or a party? Or are you planning a corporate dance? Yet you don’t have the time to look for the perfect location, find a band or a presenter for the accompanying program and you certainly don’t want to have to arrange the sound and lighting system?

In that case send us your request and we will send you our offer for the organization of the entire event.

Choose what you want your event to look like

According to your wishes we will find a suitable venue in the location of your choice. We will approach bands and send you a comprehensible offer. Professional sound and lighting systems aren’t a problem for us. In the case of a graduation ball all you need to do is choose the music for the opening dance performance.

Presenter and accompanying program

If you prefer your program can be introduced by a presenter. You may also have an interesting accompanying program. The following options belong amongst the most popular programs for balls and social events:

  • Magician
  • Traditional or non-traditional dance performances
  • Amusing attractions such as stalls with puzzles and brain teasers or temporary tattoos.

You can even have famous artists or personalities of your choice performing at your event.

Dance music

You can dance to music played by a Big Band with a classical program of ageless jazz and swing melodies. The second most popular type of music is usually big beat, but for the end of the ball you could choose something less traditional such as Irish or Scottish dancing.

Send us your request and we will be happy to send you our program offer including a quotation.



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