• Our agency’s work comprises several different areas. First of all we cooperate with concert organizers and festivals by offering them programs of the artists we represent. We cooperate for example with the Music Festivities of Václav Hudeček or with the Friends of the Prague Spring Festival.
  • Another area of our work is the organization of our own concerts, concert cycles, presentations and competitions. To mention a few of them – the concert cycle Bringing life back into the castle in Dolní Břežany, the performance of the J.J. Ryba Christmas Mass in Zlatníky or the PRAGuitarra clássica competition for guitarists from the Czech Republic.
  • Last but not least is the recording of CDs. The publication of the unique violin etudes by
    J.F. Mazas with a second voice composed later by J. Micka was accompanied by two CDs recorded as a world premiere under the auspices of Maestro Josef Suk. Another example is the debut CD of the excellent young pianist Lukáš Klánský.
  • We are also able to create a program exactly according to your wishes which does not focus solely on classical music.